Zimmer adds to Missouri cluster


SoldKZWV-FM Eldon MO isn’t technically a part of the Columbia MO Arbitron market, but it overlaps several Zimmer Radio stations that are. Zimmer has acted on an August 2012 letter of intent and applied to acquire the station.

The seller is Wright Communications, headed by Randall C. Wright.

The full name of the acquiring entity is Zimmer Radio of Mid-Missouri Inc. It’s owned 50-50 by John and Donald Zimmer.

The price for the station will be $675K in a mostly-back-loaded deal. $50K of the price is credited to Zimmer for taking over the station’s tower lease. It will pay another $50K at closing in cash, and will strike a promissory note for the remainder.

The LMA began 9/1/12.

KZWV-FM is a Class C2 on 101.9 MHz with 43 kW @ 528’. It  calls itself The Wave and uses an AC format. It is located on the southwest corner of the common contour area formed with the other five stations it shares coverage with.

And they are:
* KATI-FM California MO, a Class C2 Country station on 94.3 MHz with 50 kW @ 492’
* KCMQ-FM Columbia MO, a Class C1 Class Rock station on 96.7 MHz with 99.1 kW @ 912’
* KCLR-FM Boonville MO, a Class C2 Country station on 99.3 MHz with 33 kW @ 591’
* KTXY-FM Jefferson City MO, a Class C CHR station on 106.9 MHz with 96 kW @ 1,250’
* KWOS-AM Jefferson Cith MO, a Class B News station on 950 kHz with 5 kW-D, 500 W-N, DAN