Xerox takes on major rebranding


Xerox has unveiled the most sweeping transformation of its corporate identity in the company’s history. The new brand is designed to reflect today’s Xerox, a customer-centric company built on a continuing history of innovative ideas, products and services that meet the needs of businesses small to large.
The new Xerox logo is now a lowercase treatment of the Xerox name – in a vibrant red – alongside a sphere-shaped symbol sketched with lines that link to form an illustrative “X,” representing Xerox’s connections to its customers, partners, industry and innovation, and designed to be more effectively animated for use in multi-media platforms.

Over the past five years the company has moved beyond its printing and copying systems and has made significant investments in software and services.

The company’s Web site,, shows the new brand identity and Xerox will now start changing the logo on products, facilities, vehicles, and marketing materials in a transition that is expected to take about 18 months.

The redesign was developed by Interbrand. In addition to the new logo, Xerox’s corporate identity now includes a proprietary font and visual elements of its branding using a palette of eight colors that can be applied across a range of media, from print and Web to broadcast and interactive presentations.