WWE gets “Raw” south of the border


Mexico’s own brand of professional wrestling has long been a popular staple of Mexican television. Now we’ll see how the US version plays south of the border. World Wrestling Entertainment has announced a deal with Televisa to make “WWE Raw” available Sunday afternoons on Galavision Canal 9 throughout Mexico.

WWE Exec. VP Shane McMahon paid homage to the rich heritage of Mexico’s “lucha libre” wrestling in a joint news conference in Mexico City and noted the enthusiasm of Mexican audiences when WWE stars have made tours of major Mexican cities.

“WWE delivers ratings success to our network partners around the world and we intend to continue to build the same level of success with Televisa in Mexico. WWE is very excited to be bringing RAW to Mexican viewers who have a rich lucha libre heritage and who consistently show great enthusiasm for the WWE brand and its Superstars,” McMahon declared.

“Televisa Deportes, leader in sports-related information and content, keeps its constant commitment to finding new tendencies, shows and ideas to fulfill the demand of its audience,” stated Alberto Sosa, Sports Director for Televisa. “Televisa Deportes and WWE Raw are joining efforts starting in October to broadcast Raw, which has had great success in TV markets all around the world including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, China, Spain and Chile, among others. We foresee similar success in audience impact for Televisa Deportes,” he added.

Galavision Canal 9 (the channel of its Mexico City flagship) is one of four Televisa networks in Mexico and one of two with nearly nationwide distribution.

WWE says “WWE Raw,” consistently one of the highest rated shows on US cable TV, is already broadcast in over 130 countries in 23 languages.