Wireless Company Hopes to Enter Broadband Market


internet2TV white spaces are seen by Carlson Wireless as the way to bring broadband internet service to rural Americans lacking service at this time, and potentially to billions worldwide. But it needs seed money.

It has a prototype for TVWS radio that will deliver its latest prototype: RuralConnect Generation 3.

It would use the spectrum between television channels to deliver its service.

It said, “Using this spectrum, the RuralConnect signal penetrates foliage and travels around hills to provide broadband in rural and remote locations throughout the world that cannot be served by traditional line-of-sight radio technology. RuralConnect can cover an area up to 20 km in diameter, with the ability to deploy a hotspot using minimal infrastructure.”

The company is seeking cash via equity crowdfunding platforms AngelList and Crowdfunder. It’s expecting to have a market-ready product by the end of the year.