VOTING ENDS NOW for Broadcast Media’s Top Tech Leaders!


Have you decided who Radio and Television’s top IT and engineering leaders are? It’s up to you, but time is ticking.

Voting concludes at 5:59pm Eastern on December 10!

From Chief Technology Officers to Chief Information Officers, these broadcast media leaders are more essential than ever.


From cybersecurity to essential systems operations and tech innovations, these individuals are often overlooked for their triumphs and accomplishments. RBR+TVBR now recognizes these leaders for the first time, with input from you — industry leaders and peers who fully understand the leadership these tech-savvy executives bring to the entire organization.
Please take a moment to select the first-ever honor roll saluting Broadcast Media’s Top Tech Leaders. You may select from among our honorees, or offer your own nominee. This is a reader-generated ranked honor roll — the voting is in your hands.
Broadcast Media’s Top Tech Leaders will be honored for their achievements and overall contributions to the U.S. broadcast media business. Who’s made the list, and where they rank, will be revealed in RBR+TVBR’s Winter 2021/2022 Special Edition. It’s an all-new technology-focused report, distributed January 24, 2022.

Make your nomination today for Broadcast Media’s Top Tech Leaders!

To make your nomination, please follow RBR+TVBR’s guidelines:
1. The persons you nominate must be presently active in the areas of broadcast radio or TV station IT, technology, or engineering serving the U.S. marketplace.
2. DON’T WAIT! You may make up to three nominations by our deadline of Friday, December 10, 2021, at 5:59pm Eastern Time Please fill out only one ballot. Duplicate ballots associated with the same individual will be disqualified.