What’s In Store At NAB N.Y. From Riedel?


Riedel Communications is known as a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of real-time video, audio, data, and communications networks for broadcast, pro audio, live-event sports, theater and security applications.

It will have an expo booth at NAB Show New York, where it is putting a spotlight on four specific products.

Bolero Wireless Intercom System – Now in Standalone 2110 (AES67) Mode
In addition to the Artist Integrated and Standalone Link system modes, Bolero now has a Standalone 2110 (AES67) mode. While Standalone Link mode uses a configuration-free, proprietary ring topology with optional power distribution, Standalone 2110 (AES67) mode relies on standard Gigabit Ethernet connections and switches between the antennas. This allows Bolero antennas to be distributed over new or existing AES67 IP networks.

In addition, Bolero now includes a DECT Master selection that gives users more control over which antenna takes over should the designated master antenna go offline, and the system now supports up to 250 beltpacks in Artist Integrated mode. Plus, the E-Ink display on the antennas includes several improvements, including the ability to be inverted, the display of far more detailed information, and the ability to perform configurations from scratch without the need for a web interface. Bolero v2.1.1 will be available in late October.

MediorNet MicroN – New Multiviewer, Processing, and IP Apps
Riedel’s MicroN MultiViewer App is a virtual multiviewer app based on the MediorNet MicroN high-density media distribution hardware and designed to work within the MediorNet network. Now with support for portrait views, the MultiViewer App delivers the benefits of a decentralized signal network by enabling multiviewer hardware to be placed anywhere it’s needed, and it leverages the network for sources and removes the extra layer of gear and complexity that would be required by a large monolithic router.

The MicroN Processing App provides an advanced suite of powerful, decentralized signal processing capabilities to every MediorNet network. Built on MicroN 80Gb media distribution hardware, Riedel’s newest app adds up/down/cross-conversion, color correction, and mulitviewers.

Riedel’s MicroN IP App creates a seamless bridge between the company’s award-winning MediorNet real-time signal routing network and IP networks. The MicroN IP App supports SMPTE ST 2110/AES67-compliant video and audio as well as baseband video (SDI) and audio (MADI). The MicroN IP App turns the device into a universal tool for all IP interfacing requirements. At the same time, the device can be fully networked with all existing MediorNet products. MicroN IP applications range from a standalone SDI-to-IP converter to a fully networked system with numerous different IP gateways and baseband inputs and outputs.