Wendy's sells 25 million Baconator hamburgers


Wendy’s reported nearly 25 million Baconators have been sold in North America during the initial eight weeks it has promoted the sandwich. Wendy’s has been promoting its hamburgers through breakthrough national television, online and cinema advertising, featuring an enlightened consumer in a Red Wig, who encourages others to make a better burger choice. The new campaign is resonating with consumers, especially 18-34’s, according to company research.  "Awareness levels for the campaign are very high and branding is exceptionally strong. More than 2/3 of consumers surveyed in our research can immediately connect the Red Wig to Wendy’s. Importantly, they are talking about our advertising and our brand again," said Wendy’s Chief Marketing Officer Ian Rowden.  According to TiVo research, Wendy’s "Kicking Trees" commercial was the most watched television ad in June. New York-based IAG Research says the spot was the second most-liked restaurant ad released in Q2.