On-Air Inventory, Digital Asset Management, With Wedel


Last week, RBR+TVBR‘s Weekly Tech Roundup shared details of how a St. Cloud, Minn., based owner of radio stations just replaced the hardware-based, point-to-point IP STL systems its used with the software-defined Intraplex Ascent Audio over IP transport platform.

Now, the broadcasting company has opted to manage on-air inventory and digital assets through the MediaSales Suite from Wedel Software.

Leighton Broadcasting will use the suite across its 27 broadcast stations and related websites.

It will replace software previously provided by Wide Orbit.

Leighton Broadcasting CEO Bob Leighton commented, “We began contemplating a new traffic system two years ago to better handle the emerging needs in the radio industry.   We wanted a system dedicated to radio with functionality to handle not only our traffic but also non-traditional sales which include digital and events.  We found the features, workflow and overall functionality built into Wedel Software fit our needs perfectly.”