WDKA-TV gets forfeiture for late filing


FCCThe FCC issued a $1,500 forfeiture to WDKA Acquisition Corporation, licensee of WDKA-TV Paducah, KY (MyTV), for failure to file a broadcast license renewal application in a timely manner.

The Commission found WDKA willfully and repeatedly violated Section 73.3539(a) of the Commission’s rules: “Based on our review of the facts and circumstances, we find the Licensee liable for a forfeiture of one thousand, five hundred dollars ($1,500.00).”

The Video Division issued a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture on 9/23, notifying the licensee that it failed to file its license renewal application as required.

In a timely response filed 10/23, the licensee didn’t dispute the NAL, but did ask that the proposed forfeiture should be canceled or rescinded and this proceeding terminated because: (1) the Licensee’s conduct was not willful, it was inadvertent, and (2) the Licensee was treated in a manner that was inconsistent with other similarly situated broadcast licensees.

The FCC didn’t buy it and issued the fine anyway.