Watchdog seeks donations over Playboy's dead body


Morality in Media is one of the content watchdogs that have been waging war on NBC’s “Playboy Club” since before there even was any content associated with it. Now that the program has been cancelled after a brief three-episode run, MIM is declaring victory and asking for donations.

In a fund-raising email blast, MIM Executive Director Dawn Hawkins wrote, “I am jumping up and down right now! I can hardly sit still to write you, but I want you to jump with me. NBC quietly announced that they have ‘CLOSED THE CLUB’ after just three episodes – ‘The Playboy Club’ series will no longer air. Apparently, they’ve realized it does not pay to exploit women and promote Playboy’s philosophy that women are to be used, abused and discarded.”

Hawkins continued, “Congratulations to all of you who helped make this happen. Over 20,000 emails were sent to the companies advertising on the show from our site, Key advertisers of the show dropped like flies each week because you made your voices loud and clear. Other groups spoke out against the show too, including, The Parent’s Television Council and leading feminists like Gloria Steinem and Dr. Gail Dines.”

The group is asking for donations to continue its battle against obscenity and pornography.

RBR-TVBR observation: There are a whole lot of reasons for a new television program to fail. We suppose it is possible that the watchdogs had a role in knocking this program off the air, but most likely it simply failed to attract an audience, despite the extra attention the watchdogs were lavishing on it.

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