VHF TV Auction No. 90 cleared for take-off


New television stations-to-be are going on the auction block, and all systems appear to be go for a 2/15/11 beginning to the proceedings. The stations, Channel 4 in Atlantic City NJ and Channel 5 in Seaford DE, will restore in-state VHF services in both locations. The number of bidders has diminished significantly since the FCC’s last report.

When last we checked in, there were six applicants qualified to bid on both stations, two qualifiers each seeking one only, and two who were lacking an acceptable application.

It is now down to two making a play for both stations, and one going for a singleton.

The two left standing include one that had previously been on the incomplete list: Western Pacific Broadcast LLC. The other is Avinash C. Ahuja. Each has deposited $400K to enter the bidding, $200K for each CP.

Going for the Atlantic City station only is Loop Media LLC.

Western Pacific is eligible for a 35% bidding credit. The other two will be playing with face-value dollars.
Among the dropouts: Ann Brueggemann; George S. Flinn Jr.; Mi Hyon Lim; PMCM TV LLC; S&B Broadcasting Company; Word of God Fellowship Inc.; and Revolution Transport Services LLC.

In Nielsen DMA terms, Atlantic City is part of Philadephia PA and Seaford is part of Salisbury-Ocean City MD.