Veritone Prepares For IBC 2019



At IBC2019, Veritone will highlight the Veritone Digital Media Hub, focusing on two main use cases: access and delivery, and monetization.

Digital Media Hub is an intuitive white-label portal fueled by Veritone aiWARE, an operating system for artificial intelligence. With Digital Media Hub, rights holders can offer secure, cloud-native global access to their content to key stakeholders — including news media and corporate partners — and monetize their content via e-commerce functionality.

Powered by aiWARE, users have a means to enrich metadata cognitively upon ingest, making critical assets available for immediate access, delivery, and monetization.

Veritone will also use IBC2019 to highlight how Veritone Attribute helps both radio and television broadcasters demonstrate advertising efficacy for their customers by correlating the traffic on the brand’s website to ads that have run on the broadcast networks. Attribute leverages artificial intelligence to measure the effectiveness of not just prerecorded spots, but live reads and in-screen and organic mentions as well.

Veritone will also highlight aiWARE, the company’s proprietary operating system for AI. Veritone aiWARE provides media and entertainment organizations with an extensible software infrastructure and low-code tools, enabling fast-to-market AI deployments at scale that don’t require AI development teams or a bespoke IT infrastructure. With aiWARE’s patented approach to leveraging an expanding ecosystem of cognitive engines through a single platform architecture, organizations have the ability to access easily more than 300 proprietary, market-leading, and curated niche AI engines to transform audio, video, and other data sources into actionable intelligence in real time.

Lastly, IBC2019 will see Veritone Content Licensing Services, a managed service for rights holders who need full monetization of their content, in the spotlight.

While rights holders may choose to license their own content on their own Veritone Digital Media Hub, they can also elect to have Veritone license their content on their behalf, handling the rights and clearances and offering full monetization services. Whether working with a small- to mid-sized producer or a large media company, Veritone helps rights holders increase the value of their content by monetizing it. Veritone powers some of the largest content libraries to deliver high-quality motion content to leading producers, creatives, and publishers. As a result, creatives (buyers) can obtain highly sought-after and often exclusive content.

Rights holders can choose to offer licensable iconic footage, images, and audio through Veritone Commerce, a supporting website for Veritone’s Content Licensing Services.