VariZoom USA Pacts With Cineo


Cineo Lighting, a leader in the production of lighting systems for the motion picture, television and photography industries, announces a distribution agreement with VariZoom USA, a designer and manufacturer of mechanical and electronic devices for the film and video industries.

VariZoom will now sell the Cineo Matchbox lighting solution, a portable remote phosphor on-camera light used for motion picture and television production, and its accessories throughout the U.S.

VariZoom boasts a 20-year history of providing clients with video camera accessories, in-house camera controls, motion control heads, cranes and cables.

“The design, execution and technology of Cineo’s Matchbox product is very impressive and we are equally ecstatic by the company behind it,” says Tom McKay, founder of VariZoom USA. “Overall, the company’s products feature an innovative technical and elegant industrial design, as well as a uniqueness that stands out from the pack. We are also looking forward to working with another American manufacturer in supporting our national economy, and have a high level of confidence this product will be a real customer pleaser.”

Rich Pierceall, CEO of Cineo Lighting, added, “VariZoom’s principles of innovation, quality and customer service are very much in line with our company’s values. The entire VariZoom team is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the integrity of the film and video equipment they manufacture and sell. We look forward to VariZoom expanding our customer outreach and support.”