TWC won't share the Wealth


As in sharing the content of family-owned cable program service Wealth TV. The channels’ CEO, Robert Herring Sr., says MSO Time Warner Cable unlawfully discriminated against it, and is filing a complaint with the FCC. "Just as alleged in the complaint, TWC jawboned us while they studied our channel so they could copy it," said Herring. "Once they saw its success, they stole our idea and created an inferior knock-off, MOJO, and launched that instead of WealthTV. It’s more lucrative for them to carry their own channel than to give us a fair chance to reach the public."
TVBR observation: This may be the perfect time to bring such a complaint before the Commission. It’s been looking into vertical integration in the MVPD businesses, and at lowering the hurdles independent producers need to clear to get carriage. This case will bear watching.