Now Available: A New Attribution Solution for Local TV Ads


Comcast Spotlight has a new automated attribution product developed in partnership with TVSquared. It’s designed to bring greater accountability to local TV advertising.

Introducing “Instant IMPACT, powered by TVSquared.” With it, a local advertiser can track a TV campaign’s impact on digital activity, including website visits.

“As we move toward a more data-driven, audience-based approach to TV buying, connecting the purchase funnel has become an increasingly important priority for advertisers,” said Andrea Zapata, VP of Research and Insights at Comcast Spotlight. “At the local level, however, measuring lower funnel activity has always been a challenge due to much lower sample sizes compared to national campaigns. Instant IMPACT allows us to move past this hurdle and helps bridge the gap between TV exposure and business outcomes.”

With Instant IMPACT, Comcast Spotlight places a pixel on a client’s website in order to track its web traffic. A baseline of the client’s website traffic is established before a TV ad campaign begins. Then, at its start, Instant IMPACT monitors visits to the site within 30 minutes of the client’s TV commercials airing on linear TV over the length of the campaign. After the campaign, Comcast Spotlight can correlate the timing of incremental visitors to the client’s website to TV activity. Moreover, advertisers can access a custom dashboard that allows them to filter the data by zones, creative, weekday or daypart, to determine performance trends.

Comcast Spotlight uses TVSquared’s always-on ADvantage analytics platform to measure and track the campaigns, then analyzes this data to optimize schedules for their clients.

The launch of Instant IMPACT is part of Comcast Spotlight’s efforts to bring more data to TV advertising through its products and services as the viewing landscape continues to evolve. Since pilot and product testing, over 150 clients have used Instant IMPACT to inform and track their campaign’s influence on web traffic, showing them that TV advertising can drive online sales.

“As TV continues to transform, we must show clients how to use data to reach their customers at scale in a fragmented landscape. But we can’t stop there,” said Comcast Spotlight SVP/COO Hank Oster. “We need to show them that their TV advertising is growing their business by tying awareness – which TV is so great at – to bottom of the funnel metrics. Instant IMPACT is a tremendous tool that does just that. We’re so excited to roll it out to our local markets.”