supports STARA


TV FreedomIn acknowledging the leadership of Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy and Ranking Member Chuck Grassley, today wrote the full Committee to express its support for its passage of S.2454, the Satellite Television Access Reauthorization Act (STARA).

The letter states, “On behalf of the tens of millions of television viewers across America, we are grateful and applaud this Committee’s push forward with a narrow reauthorization of the satellite distant signal license that ensures viewers will continue to benefit from free, locally-focused broadcast television.”

The letter also thanks the Committee for preserving, rather than eliminating or redesigning, the lifeline basic service tier provision as part of STARA.

In conclusion, the letter expresses the Coalition’s support for a holistic review of the U.S. video marketplace as part of a broader congressional examination of U.S. copyright and communications laws. wrote, “An open and transparent legislative process would serve as the most effective means to modernize the regulatory landscape in a fair and balanced way for all stakeholders – promoting competition, investment, innovation and consumer choice – well into the 21st Century digital age.”

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