TV Watch launches new campaign for parents


Timed to coincide with the beginning of a new school year, TV Watch is launching “Parent-to-Parent,” a campaign to raise awareness with parents about the information and technology they have to ensure their children are viewing television programs consistent with their age, taste and value.

TV Watch boils the program down into three components.

First, parents should remember that there is usually more than one television in the house, and in particular, they must be sure that if there is one in a child’s bedroom, it is the most important one to program with the desired parentally-chosen filters.

Second, parents are advised to share their own television-watching guidelines with other parents whose children the child will be visiting. Standards vary widely from home to home, and a program that is blocked in one home may have clear sailing in another.

Third, beyond sharing preference information, parents in the know should make sure their peers are also aware of the available tools. TV Watch suggests referring other parents to “Television Tools for Parents 101” at

RBR-TVBR observation: Parental control should be made as simple as possible and promoted until it is universally understood.  As TV Watch points out, the better protected children are though devices, the less justification there will be for intrusion into First Amendment territory.