Trusted Since 1901 … On Medium Proven Since 1920


If you’ve been a patron of one nationally known pharmacy of late, you’ll notice that they’re now using the tagline “Trusted Since 1901.”

It’s safe to say that, as consumers put their trust in this 100+ year-old company, the brand continues to place its trust in the effectiveness of a medium that will celebrate its 100th year of commercial broadcasts in November of next year.

According to the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report, Walgreens is a Top 10 advertiser thanks to a bump in spot plays that puts it just above Sprint and at the top of its category.

Some 24,987 spots were tracked for Walgreens, which operates in New York City under the heritage Duane Reade brand.

That’s of course, less than half of the spot plays seen by GEICO — again the big No. 1 in its category and on the overall level.

Here is this week’s Spot Ten Radio, in full: