The Station Log vs. The Program Log


As always, Gregg Skall is right on target with his article about the Station Log in your 02/18/09 edition of RBR (2/18/09 RBR #33).

But, we just want to clarify for Radio Broadcasters- not to confuse "Station Log" with "Program Log." TDGA knows FCC clarity in its Rules & Regs is not it’s strong suit, especially with waivers available on nearly every Rule. But "Station Log" is also known as "Operating Log" or in most stations, it’s called the "Transmitter Log." The Program Log is a different document.

We should point out that even though the Program Log is not required in Radio- It IS required in TV. We estimate over 99% of Radio Stations have some of their most talented people creating the Program Log, since it’s the daily business journal for Billing.

Gregg’s absolutely correct about competency of the person making entries, which applies to the non-required Program Log as well.

Keep up the outstanding job in both RBR & TVBR. But, based on inquiries we received here at TDGA, we wanted to stress the difference between the Station Operating Log and the Program Log- both alive and well even in today’s ever-changing Radio.

–Larry Keene, CEO/CTD (Certified Traffic Director)
TDGA-Traffic Directors Guild of America