The Standard for ‘Band 108’ Is Officially Published


XGen Networks LLC, a network operator for the 5G Broadcasting television stations, has confirmed the official publication of “Band 108,” which includes the UHF television broadcast spectrum (470 MHz-608 MHz) into the 3pgg standards.

“3gpp sets the worldwide standards for the 5G protocol,” XGen notes. “Unless a ‘band’ is listed in the standards, it simply does not exist.”

On September 29, 3gpp officially published the standard for “Band 108.”

In short, Band 108 is receive only (Broadcast) from 470 MHz to 698 MHz. This includes all broadcast UHF channels in the U.S. and most other countries.

XGen Networks founder and CEO “SuperFrank” Copsidas congratulated Qualcomm and Rhode & Schwarz for their efforts in reaching “this pivotal goal of 5G Broadcasting.” He said, “We realize this is the first step which gets us that much closer to a future where 5G Broadcasting can be received on 5G-enabled smartphones worldwide.”

The release follows the September 13 proof of concept 5G broadcasts from XGen Networks and Copsidas’ WWOO-LD in Boston. This saw a 1080p programming stream of content from France 24 directly to Qualcomm developmental smartphones and an SDR (Standard Dynamic Range). Additionally, tests of emergency alert services were successfully deployed.

The full proof of concept can we viewed at