The prank's on the station


When a KHTB-FM personality called the Utah Poison Control Center, the intention was to both play a little joke, as well as to gather some genuine information about the dangers of ingesting pepper spray. The Provo UT station, licensed to 3 Point Media and serving the Salt Lake City area, was actually giving away a can of pepper spray as part of its promotional activities. The personality called UPCC, played the joke, taped it, and aired it. But at no time was the UPCC or the person who answered the phone there informed that the call was going to be played over the air. 3 Point Media denied any foreknowledge of the prank, said it only aired once, and noted that such pranks are "specifically violative of long-standing station policy." But of course, that wasn’t enough to allow the station to duck out of a 4K fine.