Terry goes to College


College Creek, to be exact. And he’s not going to, he’s buying from. It is in the rustic environs of Great Falls MT that Kevin D. Terry will start up a three-FM group as The Montana Radio Company LLC. The stations are coming from Christopher F. Devine’s College Creek Media.

All three are recent entrants into the world. The stations include KZUS-FM out of Highwood MT, KUUS-FM Vaughan MT and KEAU-FM Farifield MT.

The price is $125K, broken down into components of $25K and $100K. Experienced readers of station sales contracts would guess that $25K is going into escrow with the $100K coming at closing, but in this case experienced readers of station sales contracts would be wrong. Kelly is actually giving $100K to Devine’s attorneys up front and will pay the smaller amount at closing.

According to the contract, all three stations are currently silent, and have acquired the appropriate FCC permission to be off the air. The contract doesn’t say they’ll be broadcasting by closing day, but it does promise that they will be capable of operating as licensed at that time.

Great Falls was once part of the Arbitron universe. At the present time, neither Arbitron nor Eastland are providing local ratings.