TEGNA Hands Its Tower Management To InSite-ful Partner


A privately owned tower and wireless infrastructure company last week proudly announced the expansion of its broadcast tower portfolio. 

In doing so, it took on support of a group of towers owned by one of the nation’s top television broadcasting companies.

As of today, InSite Wireless Group will now be providing operational support and marketing services for TEGNA’s wholly owned broadcast towers.

“The TEGNA tower sites are a great complement to our already robust broadcast tower facilities across the U.S.,” said David Denton, InSite’s SVP/Broadcast. “We are excited to be working with the TEGNA team to create greater asset value for their sites while safeguarding these mission critical assets.” 

Robert Lydick, TEGNA’s VP/Information Technology and Station Operations, added, “Working with InSite will improve our ability to support, maintain and monetize our TEGNA owned broadcast towers. We chose InSite for its industry expertise and we look forward to working with the InSite team to drive value for TEGNA and our portfolio of broadcast towers.”

InSite’s tower division develops, manages, owns, and operates approximately 2,000 telecommunications towers and sites for wireless carriers across the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada, and Australia.