Sun sets on four unclaimed FM allotments


Auctions have come and gone, with no takers for a quartet of potential CPs. And unlike playthings on the Island of Misfit Toys, there is no Rudolph-Santa team to save them.

The FCC is hoping that clearing these upclaimed CPS off the books will create opportunities elsewhere. It explained its policy, saying, “The Commission’s policy is not to delete an FM allotment where a bona fide expression of interest exists, absent a compelling reason to do so. Accordingly, we are deleting these four allotments because there were no bona fide expressions of interests filed. Deletion of these allotments may create other opportunities in nearby communities for new FM allotments or upgrades of existing stations. Therefore, we conclude that the deletion of these vacant allotments could promote a more effective and efficient use of the FM broadcast spectrum.”

Here is the list of the departed:

* St. Paul AR: A Class A on 105.3 MHz in the northwest Ozark Mountain portion of the state

* Crystal Falls MI: A Class C2 on 103.9 MHz on the state’s Upper Peninsula near the Wisconsin border

* Alberton MT: A Class C3 on 105.5 MHz in the western portion of the state near Idaho

* Waitsburg WA: A Class A on 102.3 MHz in the southeast part of the state north of Walla Walla