Station must pay up for failure to power down


Dollar SignAn AM station operating on the northwestern edge of the Houston market sparked complaints that it was staying on air too long. FCC agents discovered that to be the case for KULF-AM Bellville TX, and the result is the likelihood of a dent in the station licensee’s bank account.

JHT Ventures owns the station, a Class D on 1090 kHz. It is authorized to use 1 kW of power, but only while the sun is shining, due to its status as a daytimer.

During the month of December, according to the FCC, that means the station has to go off air at 5:30 PM local time.

However, on 12/12/11 and 12/13/11, FCC agents monitored the station and found that it was remaining on the air until 6PM.

It turns out that the station was allowing a program it was airing run in its entirety, which took it to 6PM. According to the FCC, “JHT Ventures had no explanation for why the Station aired its programming in its entirety, past sunset on December 12 and 13, 2011.”

The extra half hour is costing the station $4K in a notice of apparent liability. It is also on reporting conditions, ordered to provide a statement on penalty of perjury that it is operating in accordance with its license.


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