St. Louis and alcoholic beverages spots examined


Media Monitors took a look at alcoholic beverages advertisers, the city of St. Louis and their use of spot radio.

In St. Louis last week the number one advertiser on the radio was the HD DIGITAL RADIO ALLIANCE with 920 announcements. #2 was Vinson Mortgage Group with 609 spots. Coming in #3, up from #5 the week before was THE SHANE COMPANY with 560 commercials. #4 was CHRYSLER-JEEP-DODGE with 548 units, while the FOX TV NETWORK was #5 running 481 spots. WAL-MART was #6 up from #10, with 421 ads, while SEARS climbed from #29 to #7 airing 410 announcements. The ST. LOUIS POST- DISPATCH was #8 with 410 spots with CUPID.COM coming in #9 running 382 spots. NBC TV NETWORK was #10, up from 43 the previous week, with 356 spots promoting the new fall season.

Beer is still the king of radio advertisers due to the fact that some broadcasters do not accept hard liquor ads. Last week in America, these were the top alcoholic beverages that were ran spots on the radio nationwide. #1 BUD LIGHT with 3,722 spots. MILLER LITE was #2 airing 2,794 ads on the radio.

BUDWEISER was #3 with 2,130 spots, while ANHEUSER-BUSCH was #4 with 1,165 spots. COORS LIGHT was #5 with 917 announcements, with BUDWEISER SELECT was #6 running 851 spots. BUSCH BEER was #7 with 644. HENNESSY ran 620 spots to make them the 8th biggest advertiser on the radio, while HEINEKEN ran 575 units putting them at #9. And the #10 position was held by TECATE LIGHT with 536 spots.

On the NATIONAL SPOT TEN last week, the HD DIGITAL RADIO ALLIANCE was the top advertiser in the nation with 27,528 spots. GEICO was #2 with 25,282 spots and VERIZON was #3 in the nation with 21,417 spots. WAL-MART was #4 running 20,953 commercials and the FOX TV NETWORK was #5 running 19,990 spots.