Spring Nielsen Audio reports: Twice a year diaries 12+


Clark-SmidtWith all the excitement over the 13x per year 6+ PPM Reports, Nielsen tracks markets all the way to #284 Casper, WY with a 12+ population of less than 65,000.  The smaller markets have tremendous dependency on local radio service.  We’ll see more imitation of subscribing stations and subsequently less information about trends with credible comparison.  It would be pretty tough to look at the major league baseball standings without all teams being listed. This time we’ll sample a batch of markets above #146 with subscriber percentage.  These are 12+ diary results with shares shown Spring ’13 / Fall ’13 / Spring ’14, along with the largest share changes (market swing) in both directions. With the exception of Biloxi, no ethnic composition exceeds 20%:

147.  Biloxi-Gulfport, MS.  12+ Population 311,500.   EC: Black 20%. 78% of the market’s station’s subscribe.  Clear Channel‘s here but not in the Top 5.  Dowdy Broadcasting is #1 with Country WZKX 8.9-7.5-9.1 There’s a tie for 2nd with Dowdy Oldies WGCM 5.5-5.6-6.9, matching Alpha Media‘s Rock WCPR 5.5-5.1-6.9.  These stations post the greatest one year gain at +1.4.  WJZD, Inc. UrbanA/C is 5.7-7.2-6.6 and Alpha Adult Hits WQBB is 5th, off 7.8-6.2-5.8.  CCU Talk WBUV leads their 4 station cluster 5.5-4.8-5.2 followed by Alpha CHR WXYK 7.0-6.7-4.9 and a -2.1 shift.    Shares:  Dowdy 20.1, Alpha 18.4, CCU 14.3.

152.  Quad Cities-Davenport, IA.  12+ Pop. 307,100.  Just two subscribers account for 69%.  CCU Country WLLR is #1 21.1-18.2-21.2, 4th with A/C KMXG 5.4-6.2-5.9 and 5th from Classic Rock KCQQ 5.4-5.9-5.6.;  CCU CHR KUUL dips 6.0-8.2-5.3 and Talk WOC 6.0-6.2-5.0 for a -1.0 shift.  Townsquare Media has the remainder with 2nd share rank Classic Rock WXLP up 8.3-6.5-9.5 for the largest market gain of +1.2 and CHR WBEA 5.1-4.7-6.1.  Shares:  CCU 43.8, Townsquare 21.2.

153.  Flagstaff, AZ.  305,900.  Only subscriber is the 6 station Flagstaff Radio cluster.  36 of 42 stations DNS (do not subscribe) for just 17% Flagstaff’s leaders are #1 Country KAFF 4.5-4.9-4.2, Rock KMGN 5.3-4.1-2.5 and HotA/C KTMG 2.2-2.5-2.5.  Flagstaff’s other three show less than 1.0.  Market swings KTMG +.3 and KMGN -2.8.  Not showing shares are clusters including W.Grant Henry (6), Grenax Broadcasting (4) and Prescott Valley Broadcasting (4).  Market Share:  Flagstaff 11.2.

154. PEORIA, IL.  304,800.  Two subscribers make up 58%.  Alpha Media has the Top 4 stations, led by #1 Country WXCL 8.3-8.7-9.0, Talk WMBD is 7.7-9.0-7.3 tied with HotA/C WSWT 9.6-6.7-7.3 and a -2.3 swing.  ClassicHits WPBG is 6.3-5.8-7.0.  Cumulus Media has the next 3 rankers 5,6 & 7 with RymCHR WZPW 6.6-7.6-6.1 tied with Rock WIXO 5.2-4.1-6.1 with the big swing +.9.  CMLS Country WFYR 5.5-3.8-4.1 ties Alpha Oldies 1.9-3.2-4.1.  Below the line are 8 stations, including Advanced Media Partners‘ cluster of 4.  Shares:  Alpha 35.9, CMLS 20.7.

158.  Myrtle Beach, SC.   295,400.  3 companies slug it out with 13 subscribing stations out of 28 and 46%.  Qantum Communications ties itself for #1 with Country WGTR 8.2-6.7-7.6 and CHR WWXM 5.8-6.7-7.6 for a +1.8 swing.  Digity Media Talk WRNN 6.6-7.2-7.0 is 3rd and Classic Rock WYAV #5 at 4.1-3.9-5.5.  CMLS ranks 4th on UrbanContemp WDAI 8.5-6.7-6.7.  Qantum AdultHits holds at 3.8, CMLS ClassicHits holds at 3.5 and the #2 Country WLEE 2.9.  Digity Rock WKZQ dips 2.2-1.9-1.7 while Qantum Rock WRXZ swings -2.3 on a 3.8-2.2-1.5.  Qantum recently orchestrated the big swap that gave its stations to ClearChannel, spun Aloha Trust on Long Island, NY to Connoisseur and kept  a chunk of dry powder.  Shares:  Qantum 20.5, Digity 14.02, CMLS 14.0.

159.  Rockford, IL 293,700.  A long-time break out market where the three subscribers don’t include the usual two:  CCU & CMLS.  9 of 15 subscribers tally 60%. Townsquare Media is #1, 2 and 4 with CHR WZOK 12.8-12.2-12.9, Country WXXQ 11.9-11.3-12.4 and Classic Rock WKGL/F 6.1-5.8-5.9.  Stand-Alone Crawford Broadcasting RymCHR WYRB is #3 share 6.4-7.6-7.9 with a +1.5 swing, Townsquare News/Talk WROK swing -.9 at 4.4-4.0-3.5.  Tom Walker’s Mid-West Family Broadcasting has the former Maverick cluster of Rock WXRX 4.1-3.4-5.3, A/C WGFB 5.2-5.8-4.7, Country WTB 2.9-amd SpanishHits WNTA 1.8.  Shares:  Townsquare Media 34.7, Mid-West Family Broadcasting 14.7, Crawford 7.9.

165.  Evansville, IN.  265,100.   One of the tightest two-horse races running.  South Central and Townsquare account for 11 of 20 stations listing shares for 55%.  9 of 10 John D. and JP Engelbrect stations here, Knoxville and Nashville are going to Duke Wright’s Midwest Communications NOT to be confused with Tom Walker’s Midwest-Family Broadcasting.  South Central’s SoftA/C WIKY is a comfortable #1,17.7-16.3-17.5.  Townsquare posts 2nd & 3rd on Country WKDQ 134-12.2-12.1 and ClassicHits WJLT5.2-6.9-8.3 for an imopressive +3.1 swing.  South Central wins the CHR match WSTO 7.9-9.1-6.3 vs. Townsquare’s WDKS 3.0-4.4-5.4.  SouthCentral Classic Rock WABX swings -2.2 on7.0-5.0-4.8 while Country WLFW is up 3.0-4.1-4.8 and a 3 way tie with TownSquare Rock WGBE/F 4.8.  TS N/T WGBE is 2.9 and SouthCentral is keeping Adult Hits WEJK out of the sale, 1.8-2.2-2.5.  The close race for Shares:  South Central 35.9, Townsquare 34.1.  

168.  Hagerstown, MD.  255,300.  Active market with 3 players and 71% subscriber index.  M. Belmont Verstandig Country is #1 with a +2.0 swing at 13.5-14.4-15.5 while #3 Rock WBHB swings -1.4 6.7-6.0-5.3.  Alpha Media HotA/C WIKZ is ranked #2 share 8.0-7.5-7.7 and hold places 5 & 6 with Rock WQCN 3.1-3.9-5.0 and RymA/C 4.3-3.9-3.4.  Manning Broadcasting, rescued from Nassau Broadcasting shows ClassicHits WWEG 4.6-4.5-5.3 and Talk WARK at 1.2.  Prettyman Broadcasting has a pair of DNS FMs. Shares: Verstandig 23.6, Alpha 18.0, Manning 6.5.

170.  Anchorage, AK.  245,100.  2 subscribers make up 14 of 25 stations, 56%.  Morris Communications is #1 with Oldies KEAG 5.6-6.6-7.8 and a +2.2 market swing.  CCU CHR KGOT slips 8.1-6.3-6.7.  Morris is part of a 3 way 2nd place tie and posts identical shares for Rock KWHK 4.9-5.9-6.7 and Country KBRJ 4.9-5.9-6.7 (you can’t make this up!).  Morris ranks 5th with N/T KFQD 3.9-4.0-4.9, ahead of CCU N/T KENI 4.6-7.7-4.5 and tied by Morris HotA/C KMXS 5.3-3.3-4.5.  Big fuctuation for CCU A/C KYMG 2.5-7.4-3.0 and a tie with CCU ClassicRock KBFX 4.9-4.8-3.0.  Alaska Integrated Media lists just one of their stations Classical KLEF that swings -2.0, 3.9-4.0-1.9.  Not listed are 2 FM, 1 AM from Alaska Integrated and Ohana Media Group cluster of 5, 4 FM, 1 AM.  Shares:  Morris 31.7, CCU 22.4.  

173.  ERIE, PA.  240,000.  Just 7 of 20 stations are listed with 12+ top line share numbers; 35%.  CMLS is #1 with A/C WXKC moving 9.6-10.9-12.4 but Connoisseur Media ranks 2nd through 5th with Adult Hits WXBB with the big swing +3.0, 6.4-4.5-9.4 and the other swing from CHR WRTS -2.0, 11.0-10.5-9.0.  Country WTWF 7.8-9.7-8.2 ties Rock WRKT 8.5-4.9-8.2.  CMLS Classic Rock WQHZ moves 5.3-6.9-7.5 and Country WXTA slips 6.8-8.5-4.9.  Townsquare has a full complement of 6 stations not subscribing, along with a pair of Equinox Broadcasting FMs.  Shares:  Connoisseur 34.8, CMLS 24.8.

174.  San Luis Obispo, CA.  239,100.  Hispanic 20%. 12 stations of 20 subscribe for 60%.  3 players:  American General, Frontier Capital Partners and Mapleton Communications.  American General is #1 & 2 with Country KKJG 6.2-7.4-8.3 and Oldies KIQO 4.2-7.0-6.8, having the big swing +2.4..  Frontier A/C KSTT/F is steady 6.5-.7-6.4 and ties Mapleton’s RymCHR KWWV 5.4-6.3-6.4.  American General Classic Rock KZOZ 5.0-5.5-4.9 and Frontier ties itself with Rock KURQ 3.8-4.8-4.5 and N/T KVEC 4.6-4.0-4.5.  Mapleton Classic Hits KXTZ ties Frontier Country KSLY at 2.6 and Mapleton Americana KPYG swings -1.2 to tie American General AdultAlt KKAL at 1.5.  Shares:  American General 21.5, Frontier Capital 18.0, Mapleton 10.5.

175.  Wausau-Stevens Point, WI. 238,900.  Mary &  Duke carve up the 8 subscribers of 21 total stations, 38%.  Duke Wright’s Midwest Communications is #1, 2, 3 led by #1 CHR WIFC 8.1-1.05-12.0 and a leading marketing swing of +3.9, followed by Country WDEZ 8.4-9.6-10.2 and a -2.2 swing for N/T WSAU A/F 9.7-9.0-7.5.   Mary Quass’ NRG Media takes ranks 4 through 7 starting with a tied Country WYTE 4.7-5.7-6.6 and Adults Hits WBCV 5.0-5.1-6.6.  NRG Classic Rock WGKX is 5.9-6.9-6.0, CHR WHTQ is 5.9-5.7-5.1 and Midwest Rock WOZZ grows 2.5-3.0-4.5.  From the majority of non-subs, 4 stations come from Seehafer Broadcasting, 3 from Muzzy Broadcasting, 2 from Sunrise and even one more from each NRG and Midwest.  Shares:  Midwest 34.2, NRG 23.7.

185.  Charleston, WV.  214,200 has a big turn-out of 15 stations subscribing out of 18, 83%  Bristol Broadcasting Co. Leads with Country WQBE/F 18.4-19.2-16.6 despite a -1.8 swing.  #2 share is CHR WVSR 9.4-7.8-10.0.  West Virginia Radio takes 3rd and the big plus swing +3.6, 4.7-5.7-8.3 next is A/C WVAF 6.6-7.8-7.5 and a 5th place tie for Country WKWS  8.6-8.2-7.1 and Lynn Martin’s LM Communications Rock WKLC/F 8.6-8.2-7.1.  LM Classic Hits WMXE 5.5-5.7-4.6 ties West Virginia Talk WCHS with a very similar 5.5-4.5-4.6.  WVA Classic Rock WKAZ is 2.5 and Oldies WKAZ ties Bristol Talk WVTS/F at 1.7.  Shares: West Virginia Radio 32.5, Bristol Broadcasting 29.5, L.M. Communications 11.7.

203.  Cape Cod.  193,200.  Where summer’s should be.  8 of 13 stations subscribe, 62%.  Qantum (to be Clear Channel) has the Top 3 share rankers:  #1 News/Talk WXTK is 11.1-10.8-10.3, Hot A/C WCOD .1-7.7-6.9, then a 3 way tie for 3rd with Qantum Classic Hits 5.6-5.4-4.6 and a

-1.0 swing, Sports WEII 4.8-5.4-4.6 and CodComm Rock PXC 4.8-5.0-4.6.  CodComm is John Garabedian’s cluster pieced together from Nassau and some smart engineering.  CHR WHYA got the jump +2.3  going .04-2.3-2.7 in the past year, Classic Hits WFRQ slides 2.8-1.5-1.1 and CodComm’s Oldies WKFY reaches .8.  Non-subscribers are Long-time local broadcaster Cape Cod Broadcasting with 4 FMs and stand-alone Dunes 102FM, WGTX.  It’s still unclear as to the timing for the Qantum-ClearChannel change.  Shares:  Qantum 26.4, CodComm 9.2.

211.  Medford, OR.  177,700.  Mapleton and Bicoastal have 11 of 21 stations with Nielsen shares for  52%.  Mapleton leads with Country KAKT 7.6-8.5-7.9, Bicoastal is 2nd on Talk KMED 7.1-6.9-7.4.  Next is a 5 way tie for #3 share at 5.7 with Mapleton ClassicRock KBOY and SoftA/C KCMX gaining along with Bicoastal’s CHR KIFS with the +1.5 swing while dips for BiCoastal’s ClassicHits KLDZ and Country KRWQ -1.8.  Again, a 5 way tie for 3rd; more ties as the sample gets smaller.  BiCoastal Rock KZZE is 4.2, Mapleton CHR KTMT/F rises to 3.7, N./T KCMX is 2.1 and Sports KTMT hits 1.1.  Opus Broadcasting has 5 non-subscribers in the market.  Shares:  Bicoastal 29.0, Mapleton 26.4.

234.  Panama City, FL.  146,700.  This the 16th of Florida’s 16 markets.  13 of 17 stations subscribe; 76%.  CCU leads with Country WPAP/F 12.4-10.8-9.9 for a -2.5 swing.  Magic Broadcasting CHR WILN jumps 4.7-6.3-8.7 with a +4.0 swing.  CCU has 3rd & 4th with UrbanContemp WEBZ 7.6-8.5-8.1 abdf A/C WFSY 7.1-7.4-7.6.  Magic Follows with ModRock WYYX 4.7-5.1-6.4 and Talk WYOO 5.9-5.1-5.8 for 5th and 6th.  Powell Broadcasting‘s 4 stations cluster finds ClassicRock WRBA up 3.5-4.0-5.2, Country WKNK steady 4.7-5.1-4.7, RymCHR 4.7-3.4-4.1 and Adult Hits WASJ down 5.3-4.0-2.9.  Tied at 2.9 is Magic’s RymOldies WVVE and tied at 4.1 is CCU Talk WFLF.  Shares:  CCU 30.9, Magic 23.8, Powell 16.9.

246.  Wheeling, WV.  129,100.  73% subscriber index from only CCU and Keymarket Communications.  CCU Country WOVK is #1 17.4-19.0-16.7 and Keymarket Classic Hits WUKL is 2nd 11.8-8.9-8.3 putting it in a 3 way tie with CCU Rock WEGW 8.7-7.6-8.3 and CCU A/C WKWK 8.2-7.6-8.3. 3 stations tie at 7,1 with market swings of +.9 for Keymarket Country KBGI/F 6.2-8.2-7.1, CCU TALK icon WWVA 6.2-5.1-7.1 and CCU CHR WVKE 8.7-8.9-7.1.  Keymarket Country WOGH holds at 3.2, Classic Country WOMP picks up to 1.8 but Keymarket Adult Hits WYJK drops -4.3, 5.6-3.2-1.3.  Only 4 non subscribers.  Shares:  CCU 48.1, Keymarket 21.8.

259.  Grand Island, NE.  113,800.  Just NRG subscribes and 5 of 13 stations means a scant 28% which doesn’t tell a big story.  NRG Country’s on Top 1.7 with a +1.6 swing, CHR KQKY advances 10.8-10.7-11.5, Classic Rock KROR off 2.9, 10.8-8.7-7.9 and both Adult Hits KSYZ and Talk KGFW steady at 5.8 and 3.6, respectively.  Two, 5 station clusters are in the non subscriber pack, G.I. Family Radio and Platte River Radio.  Nebraska Rural Radio also has a combo.  Share:  NRG Media 42.5.

It’s a snapshot of smaller markets but the game’s the same:  Local Radio / Audio delivers for business, the economy, local service, entertainment, information and Gets The Winning VOTE!  Large or small, radio does it all.  It’s up to us to talk up the value of our content.  

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