Which Presidential Candidate Leads In TV Spots?


With seven days to go in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, there is a clear winner.

Based on Media Monitors tally, it’s not even close … with respect to the total number of spots airing on broadcast TV airing between Oct. 21-30.

In the last 10 days, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has run 24,020 spots on broadcast TV.

Donald Trump For President aired 14,534 spots.

Additionally, the National Rifle Association’s Institute For Legislative Action bought 203 spots in support of Donald Trump.

The Super PAC iAmerica Action teamed with SEIU COPE (Service Employees International Union) bought 169 spots to support Hillary Clinton, and the Latino Victory Fund added 144 spots on Clinton’s behalf.

The totals on TV come to 24,333 spots for Hillary Clinton; while Donald Trump’s total was 14,737 spots.


On the negative side of the count, we start with the Super PAC iAmerica Action SEIU COPE (Service Employees International Union)which ran 1,988 spots against Donald Trump.

Next was the National Rifle Association’s Institute For Legislative Action which bought 1,907 spots against Hillary Clinton.

The Super PAC Priorities USA Action cleared 1,362 spots against Donald Trump and the NextGen California Action Committee bought 1,171 spots against Donald Trump.

Future45, a known Donald Trump Super PAC aired 399 spots against Hillary Clinton.

The HSLF (Humane Society Legislative Fund) ran 114 spots against Trump and the Latino Victory Project added 46 spots against the Republican nominee.

The Reform America Fund bought 42 spots against Hillary Clinton, while the Great America PAC placed 27 TV spots against the Democratic nominee.

Make America Number 1 Super PAC aired 4 spots against Clinton and the National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund added 2 spots against Hillary Clinton.

Our Principles PAC ran 1 spot against Trump along with Super PAC Voto Latino, which aired 1 spot against Donald Trump.

Totals in negative spots: There were 4,683 spots against Donald Trump and those against Hillary Clinton totaled 2,381 ads.