Speaking of Digital Audio…


Digital DownloadsDGital Media, a creator and distributor of spoken word digital audio content which is aged but a week or so, has already expanded its capabilities via the acquisition of a digital sales company.

It all fits in with the company’s goal of monetizing the content it is creating and distributing.

The acquisition is WYD Media Sales.

Two WYD execs will take on key roles with DGital: Ron Ron Hartenbaum will become Managing Director and WYD’s John Murphy will join as President.

In addition to bringing contracts with Fox News Radio, Thom Hartmann, Michael Smerconish, Ed Schultz, Stephanie Miller, and others, WYD brings sales offices in New York, Los Angeles and Detroit.

Spencer Brown, CEO, DGital Media, said, “This new acquisition expands DGital’s capabilities in the marketplace providing us with research, analytics accounting and of course a deeper sales force. We now have the ability to build creative audio content for client brands and personalities and monetize them on all three major audio platforms – broadcast, satellite and online.”