Sony puts on full court press for “2012”


On October 1, Sony Pictures Entertainment is going to shoot for 110M viewers, who will see a special two minute promotional piece for soon-to-be-released movie “2012.” Broadcast network, local TV and basic cable are all in the mix.

The ad, which will basically be a two-minute special-cut trailer for the blockbuster-to-be, will run between 10:50 and 11:00 PM on the multiple outlets, comprising the largest broadcast and cable roadblock ever attempted. The goal is to be seen by a full 90% of households using television.

The creative, which will use cliff-hanger technique, will direct to the web or to Comcast on Demand to see the result of the cliffhanger and five additional minutes of material.

The buy includes “major broadcast networks (ABC, NBC and CBS), 89 cable networks, local stations in the top 70 markets, and Spanish-language networks throughout the United States.” 450 separate North American television outlets are involved.

RBR-TVBR observation: All we can say is Wow! There will be a lot of happy campers in the broadcast and cable industries if this media-buying technique catches on.