SintecMedia Just Bought This Digital Ad Management Firm


SintecMedia, a leading television advertising management technology company, has acquired Operative Media, which offers digital advertising business management solutions for major media companies.

The combined company brings together TV and digital ad management for media companies and publishers on a global level.

Operative’s management team, including company founder Lorne Brown, are investors in the combined business.

Brown will assume the role of President, and remains part of the strategic leadership team within SintecMedia.

“Operative’s fantastic customer base and digital advertising solutions are the perfect complement to our own global client roster and television advertising products,” said Amotz Yarden, CEO of SintecMedia. “With Operative as a key part of our offering, SintecMedia brings TV and digital ad management together, allowing media companies to streamline advertising infrastructure, increase profitability and drive the long term strategic control of their business.”

Brown added, “SintecMedia’s acquisition of Operative is the best possible outcome for our clients and for all media companies working to maximize profitability as TV and digital channels start to intertwine.”

SintecMedia systems are used by television media companies worldwide and is the broadcast management software partner for NBCUniversal, CBS, ABC, AT&T, and Sky.

Operative’s client base, which controls nearly a quarter of the global ad market, includes NBCUniversal, Meredith, Comcast, iHeart Media, VICE Media, Vox, and Cox.