Seller Paper Used in Rural Nevada


SoldA company owned by group owner Steven Silberberg is spinning an FM located near Utah. And he’ll be allowing the buyer some time to get the bill for the facility paid off.

The station is KVUW-FM Wendover NV.

Silberberg’s selling license company is Murray Grey Broadcasting Inc.

The buyer is Alexandra Ortega.

The price is $150,000. $10,000 went into an escrow account, $10,000 more will be paid at closing, and the remaining $130,000 will be paid pursuant to a promissory note. And the terms call for $1,000 monthly payments for five years, at which time the full unpaid balance will be due.

KVUW-FM is a Class A on 102.3 MHz with 3 kW @ 26’. Wendover is located on Nevada’s northeast corner along I-80, right at the state’s border with Utah.