Second LPTV for New England owner


Cross Hill Communications has an LPTV station in New Hampshire, and now its getting another in next-door state Vermont.

The new acquisition is in Manchester VT, which is not as well-known as New Hampshire’s Manchester, which houses multitudes of politicians, political operatives and reporters every four years.

LPTVWVBK-CA is the station. Cross Hill, headed by John and Sarah O’Connor, is getting the station from Vision 3 Broadcasting Inc., headed by Daniel N. Carbonara.

The amended compensation package calls for a $100K cash payment, followed by payments of $27.5K on each of the 1st and 2nd closing day anniversaries, a total of $155K. The original contract had specified a $144.8K price tag, all in cash.

Cross Hill’s other station is WVBQ-LP Charlestown NH, a community near Lebanon, near the Connecticut River which separate New Hampshire from Vermont.

WVBK is nowhere close to WVBQ – it is on the western side of the Green Mountain National Forest in the southwest corner of Vermont.

RBR-TVBR observation: We suspect the owners of the buying entity have gotten used to hearing Terminator references. Were it not for the “O’” in their last name, they would, of course, be the namesakes of the central characters of the blockbuster series.