Rite of passage?


The presidential campaign season seems to have expanded to fill all of the time between Election Day completed and Election Day on the horizon. Prospective candidates waste no time positioning and posturing. Increasingly, a way station along the road is the late-night talk show circuit. As part of that phenomenon, four current candidates are headed to Comedy Central this month. The destination is, of course, "The Daily Show," where two Democrats and two Republicans will chew the fat with Jon Stewart. According to the Associated Press, the quartet will be led off by Joe Biden (D-DE) on 8/8/07, followed by John McCain (R-AZ) on 8/16/07, Tommy Thompson (R-WI) on 8/20/07, and then Barack Obama (D-IL) on 8/22/07. Comedy Central EVP/GM Michele Ganeless told AP that Stewart both makes the candidates feel comfortable, and provides them access to the often difficult to reach young male demo.