Republican PAC shifting ad buys


Political AdvertisingAs the fortunes of candidates for the US House of Representatives shift, at least one national political action committee is changing its plans, hoping to get the biggest possible bang for its buck.

The PAC is the Young Guns Action Network, formed several years back to nurture and promote Republican candidate, particularly in districts where the party does not have an incumbent – in other words, in districts with a siting Democrat or an open seat.

The PAC does not want to spend its money where a winner is emerging – in such districts either its candidate does not need help of is beyond help.

According to Politico, for various reasons, previously booked flights scheduled for between 10/7-10/20 are being pulled in the following media markets:
* Denver CO
* Bakersfield CA
* Fresno CA
* Phoenix AZ
* Charleston WV
* Bluefield-Beckley WV

In some cases, the ad schedules are simply being shifted or contracted. In Bakersfield and Denver, they are being pulled completely. In the former, the candidate its backing is doing well. In Denver, however, the race is said to be close and the PAC’s plans may change again.