RCN Takes the Fox out of MundoFox


Mundo FoxHispanic program and network company RCN Television Group was a partner with Fox when television network MundoFox was born. It has now bought out Fox to become the network’s sole owner.

RCN’s Ibra Morales will remain at the helm of the network.

The network debuted in Fall 2012 and was designed to take on Hispanic incumbents Univision and Telmundo. It has 5 affiliate in DMAs that feature high concentrations of Hispanic viewers.

“RCN is excited to be carrying on the MundoFox network that we started jointly with our partner FIC,” said Morales. “We look forward to serving the remarkably vibrant and dynamic U.S. Hispanic community with our successful programs and are proud to dedicate our efforts to the continuous growth and success of the network.”

RBN has four cable networks in the US and Latin America and produces a wealth of Hispanic television programming.

Terms were not revealed.