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With even more news from Washington and Wall Street, our afternoon headlines are perfectly designed to give you the key reports and indicators that move your business. We’ll give you closer coverage of the FCC, Congress, and the Trump Administration.

We’ll also give you more in-depth interviews, through our new RBR + TVBR INFOCUS features, bringing you exclusive access to newsmakers and power brokers across the U.S.

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The RBR+TVBR Daily Newsletter will now arrive later in the business day to wrap up the day’s news with clear, comprehensive analysis to help you make sense of what just happened.

RBR+TVBR offers independent, unbiased news and analysis that no other trade publication can offer.

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The RBR+TVBR Newsletter. Giving subscribers concise reporting beyond the press release or headline, explaining not just what is happening, but why and how it will affect you, your competition and the industry.

Weekly Tech Roundup. Delivering tech developments as they’re happening, RBR+TVBR keeps broadcasters competitive in today’s digital arena, from the latest devices (and how to leverage them into revenue) to the latest claims about the connected car.

RBR.com. The tried and true source of vital business information for the broadcast management community. With unparalleled access to industry and government leaders and policymakers, each RBR+TVBR delivers exclusive coverage of deals and transactions, informed ratings and economic analysis, exclusive interviews, and InFOCUS reports that dig deeper into the issues affecting your business. Add to this the most comprehensive people and resource directories in the industry, and RBR+TVBR is the single most important tool a broadcaster can have today.

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