Raese raises the ante in WV-MD border cluster


The Raese family’s West Virginia Radio already has a five station radio cluster in the portion of West Virginia that abuts Maryland’s western panhandle. Now it has a deal to add a sixth station.

The station is WDZN-FM Romney WV. It’s a Class A on 100.1 MHz with 900W @ 823’.

The seller is Grandview Media LLC, headed by Warren G. Gregory. The price is $220K cash, and an LMA will go into effect prior to closing.

The full license company name being used by the buyer is West Virginia Radio Corporation of the Alleghenies. It’s headed by John R. Raese, David A. Raese and Dale B. Miller.

John Raese was in the news last year, when he mounted an unsuccessful campaign for the US Senate as the state’s Republican candidate. Former governor Joe Manchin (D-WV) was the winner in that race.

The other stations in the cluster WDZN will be joining include WCMD-AM Cumberland MD, WVMD-FM Midland MD, WDYK-FM Ridgley WV and WKLP-AM/WQZK-FM Keyser WV. The area is not within the scope of Arbitron.

RBR-TVBR observation: This doesn’t really have anything to do with radio – file it instead under the urban idiot department. Many years ago, we were driving with friends through the territory served by these stations on our way to do some whitewater rafting, and were looking for the Keyser exit off the highway. We thought we missed it, so we stopped to fill up at a gas station and asked if we’d passed Keyser yet. The helpful gentleman we asked gave us the concerned look of a person dealing with a stranger with a sub-70 IQ, and said, “Well, that depends on which way you’re going.”