Radio was up 4.3% for the Emmis fiscal year


Emmis Communications hasn’t yet put out a summary of its fiscal Q4 (December-February), but it has filed full year results with the SEC. Total net revenues were up 3.6% to $251.3 million. Radio revenues were up 4.3% to $185.2 million. Publishing revenues gained 1.7% to $66.1 million.

Operating income, excluding significant impairment charges both years, improved from $9.2 million to $26.2 million in the most recent fiscal year.

Emmis will likely provide a lot more detail when it issues Q4 results. The annual filing with the SEC said revenues for the domestic radio stations were up 5.2% in Miller Kaplan reported markets, while the markets were up 5.2%. Strength in the middle markets – St. Louis, Indianapolis and Austin – offset weakness in Los Angeles and Chicago.