PTC uses stock as ticket to bully pulpit


The Parents Television Council has members with a piece of News Corp., and took advantage of a shareholders meeting to protest some of the racier programming on Fox Television and News Corp. basic cable offering FX. The shows drawing specific fire from PTC New Jersey Chapter Director Crystal Madison included Family Guy, American Dad and Bones on Fox. On FX, she mentioned Dirt and Nip/Tuck. She said, "Fox Broadcasting and the FX network have repeatedly embarrassed you, the board and the shareholders with such programs as Family Guy, American Dad, Bones and Dirt." Noting that some of these shows were on as early as 8PM in the Central time zone, Madison wanted these programs held back until at least 10PM in each time zone, when young children are more likely to be in bed. She also demanded that FX be converted to a premium channel so that it does not show up unbidden on basic channel lineups and go into the homes of people who find it objectionable. "As a mother, I am pleading with you, Mr. Murdoch, to take control of your companies’ programming schedules and place these negative shows and programs like them where they belong," she concluded.

TVBR/RBR observation: If you own a piece of News Corp., why not use all available venues to make your case? Al Sharpton has been doing the same thing when he believes companies he has an interest in go over the line on matters of concern to him. However, we do not believe PTC will have much success, since its Leon Weil made essentially the same pitch last year.