Premiere: 'The Bachelorette' dissecting Ashley's men


It’s hard to believe that another season of The Bachelorette is upon us.  In just seven days, the premiere of The Bachelorette will be here and the real question is: will anybody care?  While at her best, Ashley Hebert, the 26 year old dental student originally from Maine, is a happy go lucky, bubbly, young lady – does she have what it takes to carry an entire season? 

Her makeover reveal at last season’s Women Tell All featured Ashley with darker, longer hair, a glammed up make-up job and a significant spray tan.  Will it be enough?  I’m skeptical.  But keeping me skeptical is the selection of men lined up for Ashley.  Personally speaking, there don’t appear to be any stand outs.  Of course this is purely from photos and basic facts and the cheesy questions they have to answer.  I won’t go through every single guy – but here’s my two cents for what it’s worth on some of them:

Just There to Party: These Guys Have No Interest in Ashley, But Will Stir Up Lots of Drama:

Ames, 31, New York, NY – Portfolio Manager.   Any guy who “loves wearing a tuxedo,” is still in the Finance industry in New York, and admits to being caught hooking up in boarding school screams “Player.”  Most single 31 year old males left in New York City that are this good looking are looking for a good time, not a wife.  Ames is good looking enough, but I’m 95% sure he’s coming on this show to party. That, or maybe he worked for Lehman and he’s still unemployed.  Either way, he has no interest in meeting a wife, just the free booze, and a date where he can bust out his tux.

Nick, 26, Odessa, FL – personal trainer.  This guys has a soul patch.  And he sounds like he likes to party. Very cool that he was drafted by the NY Yanks in 2006, but doesn’t sound like that went too well. He’s looking for a good time and his next opportunity to land in the spotlight.  Won’t happen on The Bach, though.

Tim, 35, Massapequa, NY – Liquor Distributor.  Long Island boy.  I think he’s the oldest one in Ashley’s batch.  He has very white teeth, but maybe it’s because his lips are not really showing when he smiles.

Effeminate, Nerdy or Dorky: You Decide!

Ben C, 28, Lake Charles, CA – Lawyer.  Effeminate. ‘Nuff said.

Chris D, 25, Moline, IL – Sports Marketing – dorky looking, though I love dark hair and blue eyes (like The Husband).  He’s way too young to settle down.

William, 30, Fostoria, OH – Cell Phone Salesman  – seems to pretty to be a real contender, but I like his dimple.  Says he wants to do stand up or voiceovers in 5 years.  He’s in this to get to Hollywood, not to Ash, but I maybe he’s funny and can make us laugh.

Chris M, 27, Gibbons, Canada – Construction Company CEO – This guy is not dorky – in fact, he’s adorable. He has his own company which is pretty cool.  But he looks like he’s 12.  Plus he’s our token Canadian, and the Canadians have done well on this show.  If he gets past the first couple of rounds, he’ll go far.  Seems like a nice guy.  In a Doogie Howser meets Mark Ballas kind of way. If he’s a natural blonde, extra points for Chris.

Most Interesting / Most Promising: These Guys Seem Like Decent Candidates:

Ben F, 28, Sonoma, CA – Winemaker, Sports nuts, but seems to be boyish and I like that he’s the athletic type.  Plus, if he’s a winemaker in Sonoma, he must have a pretty nice lifestyle.

Mickey, 31, Rochester, NY – Chef – What’s up with the spiked hair on everyone? This guy has a goofy look and his dark hair and bright blue eyes make him stand out.  He may be wild card…who knows.  I like a guy that can cook.
Ryan P, 31, Fresno, CA – Solar Energy Exec. This guy is smart. He built one of the largest solar electricity companies in the US.  And I like how one of his ears sticks out slightly while the other one doesn’t.  He may actually be normal.

West, 30, Wahalla, SC – Lawyer.  I think this guy is funny. For his “what he’d take to a deserted island,” he lists “pizza, Mila Kunis and a volleyball.”  He then claims that if anything happened to Mila, he could name the volleyball Wilson and talk to it.  Clever.  Another dark haired, blue eyed man.  Perhaps this is Ashley’s type?

Blake, 27, Steamboat Springs, Co – Dentist!  Wow, this guy seems like the perfect match for Ashley. He’s cute, he’s from Colorado and he’s a DENTIST!  They could open a practice together and floss to their heart’s content.  Only problem is that out of everyone on the planet he could be – he says he’d choose to be Tiger Woods.  Hmmmm.  He says he likes to win competitions.  Well he may have this thing in the bag with that spirit!

Look-Out, Ashley! (The Following Guys Will Raise Some Eyebrows and I Kind of Scare Me):

Frank, 29, Anchorage, Alaska – College Admissions Director.  Any guy who owns two chihuahuas is suspicious.  This guy’s expression scares me almost as much as his spiked hair.  But it may be the first bachelor from Alaska, so that should be interesting.

Lucas, 30, Odessa, Texas – Oilfield Equipment Distributor.  Woah. This self declared Conservative Republican should get a nice awakening from the very non conservative events that take place on this show (have we have had a political discussion on The Bach before?  Of course not! That’s why the show has kept people tuning back in season after season.  This guy is like the Alex P. Keaton of The Bachelors.  He’s nice looking. But he’s going to get destroyed morally if he lasts on this show.

Can’t wait to see it all go down! join me and if you have your picks comment below or on the RBR-TVBR Facebook or Twitter. Let’s get the chat going.

(source: Stacey B)