Patently Approved: A Microphone with Built-in Backup


SAN LUIS OBISPO, CALIF. — If you’ve watched just one episode of Shark Tank on CNBC or on ABC, you’ll know that one of the most popular questions is, “Do you have a patent or other intellectual property protecting it?”

For Point Source Audio‘s newest CO2 Confidence microphone, the answer is yes.

The California-based audio equipment manufacturer specializes in the development of miniature microphones and headsets. Now, it’s received U.S. Patent No. D850,422 for the CO2-8WL.

Point Source says it is the first “fully redundant microphone in a wearable housing—providing an all-in-one solution for critical live sound and broadcast applications that require back-up miking.”

To ensure live wireless microphone backup in cases of frequency cross-talk, low battery packs, or connector or element damage, audio engineers and sound technicians regularly wire voice talent with two separate microphones and signal paths—a complex, time-consuming workflow that can lead to inconsistent sound quality and cable clutter, while weighing the wearer down with cumbersome hardware, Point Source notes.

“With the CO2-8WL, production professionals can mike up talent in half the time and count on stable, consistent audio performance in live, broadcast or streaming scenarios, thanks to built-in dual microphones with perfectly matched frequency and sensitivity elements,” the company notes. “Both miniature microphone elements are water, makeup and sweat proof—making them ideal for use under hot stage lights and in outdoor productions.”

The company also holds a patent for its CM-i3/CM-i5 modular, lightweight in-ear headsets and two patents for its EMBRACE Earmount microphones, which allows head-worn microphones to be easily concealed on the wearer.