Pittsburgh-anchored Class A TV group sold


$7.25M WBGN-CD, WNNB-CD, WJMB-CD, WEMW-CD, WKHU-CD, WWLM-CA, WWHK-CA & WMVH-CA Pittsburgh PA (Pittsburgh, Beaver, Butler, Greensburg, Kittanning, Washington, Uniontown, Charleroi PA); WPCP-CD Youngstown OH (New Castle PA); and WJPW-CD &  WVTX-CD Wheeling WV-Steubenville OH (Weirton WV, Bridgeport OH) from Bruno Goodworth Network Inc. (Ronald J. Bruno) to OTA Broadcasting LLC (William Tolpegin, Michael Gerstner et al). $362.5K escrow, balance in cash at closing. [FCC file date 5/20/13]


  1. Ron: It gave me a very warm feeling to see that you and the rest of the industry has survived. It looks as though the business has been good for you, I am glad to read that. I am currently a,soon to be released, patient at the Veteran’s Hospital in Milwaukee. A stroke that I had several years ago has created some memory problems – thankfully nothing serious. With the time on my hands, I decided to explore the internet and do a little look back at where the industry has gone. I am proud to see that what Jackie and I helped nurture is still flourishing even though it continues to fight for it’s needs.

    Other then yourself, who are the current leaders in the industry? I know that Jackie would have been proud to see that the industry has continued. I miss her deeply and I look forward to reuniting with her in the next life.

    Please send my best wishes to all and thanks for the memories.


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