Pay TV Growth Slows Worldwide


The first quarter showed a dip in growth for pay TV service packages globally — about half the rate of a year ago. The top 100 global pay TV providers gained just 0.8% — 3.46 million homes — in the first quarter of 2017, according to Multiscreen Index (that accounts for 430 million TV homes worldwide) versus 1.7%, and 6.9 million homes a year ago. The growth rate for the first quarter was the slowest ever.

Of the top 10 U.S. services, which were down 559,000 subscribers, only Comcast registered gains. AT&T’s telco U-Verse service lost 233,000 subscribers as consumers migrated to its DirecTV satellite company.

Globally, the biggest gains continue to be in the Asia-Pacific region — adding 2.4 million homes — with the Americas up 850,000 and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa 210,000 higher. Major TV services in India added 1.7 million subscribers.


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