Pandora integrates with STRATA, Mediaocean buying platforms


PandoraFor the first time, Pandora audience data will appear in media buying platforms. This means that radio buyers will have automatic access to Pandora audience ratings in STRATA and Mediaocean’s Donovan and Mediabank stewardship systems. Radio buyers will be able to compare Pandora’s audience data side-by-side with broadcast radio stations across the country.

STRATA and Mediaocean will import Triton Digital’s Webcast Metrics Local (WCML) data into their software platforms, allowing buyers to view Pandora national and local audience ratings.

Prior to the integrations, radio buyers using STRATA and Mediaocean systems were required to manually research Pandora audience ratings. Buyers now have an easy and efficient way to evaluate Pandora audience size and rankings to make informed decisions about their media mix.

Natalie Swed Stone, US Director, National Radio Investment, OMD, tells RBR-TVBR this is for local and national spot buying at this point, but is encouraged: “The use of MediaOcean for network is limited to billing and there is not yet a network solution for integration of on-air and online for buy evaluation. This is an important first step—and we applaud the companies for their vision.”

STRATA President/CEO John Shelton said, “Adding Pandora as a part of our arsenal of media options for over 1,000 STRATA agencies allows our clients to access substantial listener audiences like never before. After the launch of Pandora in STRATA’s system in January, our media buyers’ reaction was overwhelmingly positive. They are extremely excited about this opportunity to offer Pandora to their advertising clients.”

Mediaocean CEO Bill Wise said, “Mediaocean’s clients—the major holding companies and independents in North American and Europe who use our systems to manage over $100B in media spend a year—have long expressed a desire to spend far more heavily in digital radio generally, and Pandora specifically. We approached Pandora last year with a new way to let that agency demand flow to Pandora inventory, and we’re glad to see that approach adopted industry-wide.”

STRATA’s integration was released in January and all STRATA agencies now have access to Pandora audience data. Mediaocean is currently in beta release with rollout to Mediabank systems in mid-March and Donovan systems by the end of April.