“Pan AM” may fly again


The four major U.S. broadcast television networks unveiled their 2012-2013 program schedules this week, and about 33 series from the current season got the ax, including “Terra Nova”. A few, like Sony Pictures Television’s “Pan Am,” airing on ABC but canceled, may live on–thanks to new outlets for original programming, reports Bloomberg. Netflix and DirecTV offer studios a chance to keep shows going, said Tony Wible, an analyst with Janney Montgomery Scott LLC in Philadelphia. With detailed data on viewing, they can better tell which programs can survive on smaller budgets with fewer, dedicated fans.

“Digital can provide a way to recycle shows that have been canceled, because there’s a lot more pressure on those platforms to go toward original content,” Wible said in an interview. “Whether or not you invest in a new show or one that’s been canceled is a function of cost and data.”

Sony Pictures Television has held talks with distributors to keep the show going, the story said.

Netflix has better data “than anyone” to determine whether a show may succeed online, Wible said. When the Los Gatos, California-based company ordered a new season of “Arrested Development” in November, it knew how popular past seasons were with its 26 million streaming subscribers.

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  1. When a televison series wins hands down the coveted Rose d’Or….that means that 44 countries around the world thought alot about PAN AM, who at one time was the largest global carrier. All she needed was a better time slot, and a bit of tweeking. The story of the golden age of flying has yet to be told, as we were just getting to know the characters….(some of which did not fit the Pan Am profile) or the monoteous story line of “I Spy”! She was a great company to work for, with all th adventure, back door politics, mystery, scandel, fraud and agonies when a plane went down. We were one big international family! It would be great to have her back this fall, with jus a little more authenticity. The sets were so spot on, and if Missing can go on location…why not show a little more global arrivals an departures. Still waiting. Nancy Ganis opened the doors. Now it’s time to go through. Thanks Sony.

    BA (MIA, IAD, JFK)

    • I certainly think it would be received quite well if continued, with a few improvements. It needed a better time slot & was so cut up with advertisements that one almost lost the plot line. One was just beginning to get to know the people involved, where they became more interesting. I also believe that there was one episode that was shown out of sequence, which certainly didn’t help.
      Give it another chance.

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