OTT Video Search, Discovery Metadata Provider Gobbled By ColorTV


Guidebox Inc., an OTT video search and discovery metadata provider to some 50 television brands, has been acquired by ColorTV, a platform for broadcasters to promote, personalize and attribute content on connected TVs and streaming devices.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“With Facebook, Google and Apple strongly entering into the TV market, we help ensure TV network revenues and distribution on OTT and mobile do not become eroded by this new competition set,” said Giancarlo Maniaci, CEO of ColorTV.  “The key to success in the new TV landscape is simple: increase viewership and retain each customer through a premier personalized user experience while optimizing monetization. This is easier said than done, and combining the Guidebox team and technology with ColorTV creates an even stronger solution for our clients.”

Guidebox, which will operate under the “Guidebox by ColorTV” label, is a technology that enables TV viewers to search for and discover TV programming on connected TV platforms such as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Google Home, Android, iOS, and web.

Guidebox was founded in 2012.

ColorTV’s SDK and suite of analytics tools power some 300 apps and brands on Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire. The acquisition gives the company access to Guidebox’s long list of customers including Ericsson, Synacor, WWE, Fandor and various Lionsgate streaming services such as Tribeca Shortlist and Comic-Con HQ.

The deal also enables ColorTV to combine its expertise in analytics, retention and content promotion with valuable search data so that TV networks can gain even more insight into their users and how best to monetize them and increase viewership.

“We are excited to join the ColorTV team, as our combined platform offerings will add intrinsic value to TV networks and current customers alike,” said Riney. “The TV industry is changing rapidly, and ColorTV’s product combined with our data and partnerships will give video platforms the deepest insight and control on what their users are watching, how long they watch it, and what content to promote to them.”