Orban Processor Control: Now Offered by Burk


Facility and equipment control/monitoring company Burk Technology has partnered with a top audio processing company to offer direct control of its processor from a Burk product.

An API offered by Burk for the ARC Plus Touch allows users to monitor an Orban OPTIMOD XPN-AM processor and make selected changes.

The OPTIMOD XPN-AM is one of the most commonly used AM processors in the U.S.

Orban notes, “This product maximizes the reach and intelligibility of AM transmissions while lowering distortion and reducing listener fatigue. It is designed to work in conjunction with MDCL-equipped transmitters, bringing significant power savings to broadcasters along with ultra-clean audio and loudness.”

The OPTIMOD XPN-AM also offers Nielsen PPM encoding.

The new ARC API opens a gateway for the ARC Plus to interact with API-enabled equipment and to retrieve data from readily available web services. The Burk API integration, embedded in the OPTIMOD XPN-AM, enables users to make quick changes on presets and other parameters.

Orban President David Day said, “The ability to access Orban processing from virtually anywhere using Burk’s ARC Plus Touch brings a new level of flexibility to AM broadcasters, allowing them to change processing at a single touch to accommodate dayparting,
power changes, and other functions.”

Chuck Alexander, Executive Vice President at Burk, added, “The ARC API expands ARC Plus I/O options beyond traditional parallel wiring and SNMP interfaces. Integration with the API on the OPTIMOD XPN-AM is a great demonstration of the flexibility and effectiveness of API control and monitoring.”

Control of the OPTIMOD XPN-AM will be demonstrated at NAB 2022 in the Burk booth, W6014. More information can be found at orban.com and burk.com.