Online Production: Breaking The Coronavirus Isolation Issue


Broadcasting and production are no more isolated from the effects of the Coronavirus
than any other industry. Yet, as Video-On-Demand explodes, even for broadcast TV, projects in various stages of development, pre-production and production are shut down or put on hold.

Who knew that a look at what Finnish public broadcaster YLE has done to combat this problem would serve as a strong learning lesson for U.S. media companies?

In Helsinki, YLE increased its production spending, both internally and to support the Finnish production community.

“Preproductions continue as planned”, says Rami Lindholm, team leader at the Finnish
public broadcaster YLE. “Through our online preproduction and production platforms,
our teams seamlessly moved from working at the office to working from home.”

That said, the Coronavirus crisis has increased the need for updated programming and
rapid production of new programs. Thanks to YLE’s already distributed workflow with
Dramatify at its center, this can happen from home. “No one questions the need for online cloud-based systems anymore,” says Lindholm.

Dramatify’s real-time production update functionality helps to keep the distributed
production teams in the loop. New, changed or deleted episodes, scripts, characters,
sets and locations are automatically logged and presented according to each user’s
access rights. Users can also add notes to inform their team members about changed

“Staying on top of fast-changing details is one of the top challenges for most
productions,” notes Dramatify CEO and co-founder Annika Lidne. “With both the dashboard and the new real-time production updates, we serve not only the core production members, but also makeup artists, set designers, wardrobe designers, set construction, location scouts and many others. That not only allows them to work from home but also decreases the risk for mistakes that cost time and money.”

Dramatify is a startup based in Stockholm, Sweden, with a mission to bring modern, collaborative production management solutions to TV, film, broadcasting and online video productions.

The Dramatify platform includes the workflow from team management, rundowns and scripts through pre-production, cast, sets and locations to shooting with call sheets and reporting.

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