Next-Gen Reporting and Analytics for Live Streams and Podcasts Arrives


EUREKA, CALIF. — Humboldt County, Calif.-based streaming and podcast solutions provider StreamGuys has unveiled its next generation of its SGreports reporting and analysis toolset.

Combining live stream, podcast, and royalty reporting in a comprehensive analytics service, the new SGreports platform offers new dynamic visualization capabilities and data comparison tools. Faster query speeds are also designed provide media enterprises with deep, actionable insights about their content delivery and audiences.

StreamGuys will demonstrate the new SGreports alongside other innovations at the upcoming IBC2022 exhibition in Amsterdam, where the company will co-exhibit in stand 8.C75 with technology partner ENCO.


“We strive to offer our clients as much useful information as possible about their listeners or viewers, delivery metrics, and content being consumed,” said StreamGuys Product Manager Robert Minnix. “Reporting tools should provide more than just technical data, also allowing businesses to draw the insights they need about how their content is performing. They must be easily usable by sales, marketing, and other business personnel and engineering staff. Our goal with the new SGreports is to present analytics easily digestibly to help users visually identify key takeaways while minimizing manual steps. It’s yet another example of how we’re listening closely to the needs of our enterprise customers and delivering solutions to help their businesses thrive.”

Foremost amongst the innovations in the upgraded SGreports are dynamic visualizations accessed through the platform’s intuitive, modernized dashboards. Users can hover over individual metrics, streams, programs, or episodes to quickly filter and compare data with a simple button click. The new visualizations make vast amounts of information much easier to consume. They also flexibly allow users to drill down for greater detail and customize their views for maximum efficiency. Visualizations can also be exported as tables in CSV or raw formats for importing into third-party or bespoke management systems.

SGreports’ advanced podcast reporting capabilities include enhanced user agent and device-level analysis based on the Open Podcast Analytics Working Group (OPAWG). Support for OPAWG – a cross-platform initiative to standardize podcast download tracking and measurement – bolsters IP and user agent blacklisting, bot identification, and filtering to provide higher-quality podcast reporting through community-based specifications.

Royalty reporting functionality in the new SGreports release offers similar capabilities to earlier versions, tallying song performances based on streaming server playlist logs. An upcoming additional update to SGreports, slated for release later in the year, will offer enhanced royalty reporting through native integration of SGroyaltyreporter technology. SGroyaltyreporter provides royalty reporting for HLS and other CDN-centric streaming formats where song information lives elsewhere, such as in playout logs or playlists the station uses to broadcast. StreamGuys can provide highly accurate performance counts across all major delivery formats by merging streaming metrics and external song information.

Additional future SGreports features include direct integration with StreamGuys’ flagship SGrecast podcast management platform, plus new analytics for StreamGuys’ SGrewind time-shifting service. Integration with SGrecast enables analytics data to be combined with metadata such as episode titles and podcast names for enhanced presentation in the SGreports dashboard and allows in-depth visualization of podcast and episode metrics to help users spot trends in traffic and consumption. StreamGuys also plans to make SGreports data and visualizations available natively within a future update of SGrecast itself. Meanwhile, SGrewind analytics will provide metrics including which content audiences are rewinding most often; the amount that audiences are time-shifting; a correlation between streaming traffic and SGrewind’s electronic program guide; and much more.

The SGanalytics suite is available immediately for existing SGreports clients, with the additional planned functionality slated for release in Q4.

— With reporting by Brian Galante, in Boston


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